We are not eating fruits enough and we have to admit it. With fast food chains on the rise, the need for real nutritional foods is at an all-time low. A certain part of the population realizes the importance of including fruits and vegetables in their diet. The main problem is the fact that people want instant gratification that comes only with fast food. This way, they are ignoring the huge benefits of fruits and the fibers, proteins and the good cholesterol that come with it. We have a lot of junk in the trunk (the trunk is your body, by the way).

One of my professors gave me a most absurd example of an eating habit. He stated that he was at a food joint. He noticed a girl ordering a large pizza, a cheese burger but she wanted a diet coke only! Now I cannot sit here and explain the absurdity of such a meal. How different is a diet coke from a usual one? It’s a bucket load of sugar waiting to degenerate your body either way. Gorging on all those colourful substances will evidently cause more harm than good. It’s plain common sense- you are simply consuming pre-prepared food. The fact about cooking out of fresh ingredients is that you know how much of the quantity you are going to consume. You cautiously put the condiments as per your requirements. No complaints after the final product!

MNCs like KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Pizza Hut and those like the Burger King are constantly taking years off your life. We are too clouded in our minds to know that since we are only looking for quick meals and takeaways. They are the ones doing a major ‘takeaways’ from your lifeline. By the time you realize this, you might just find out that you are too late. By the time you are a quadragenarian, you are already crippled physically and your face looks no less than a sagging cloth. The horrors come to us real late. We are ignoring the reality because right now, our body has the ability to continue carrying us with all that junk. We need to violently wake up to the horrors of consuming the daily junk. Just the way junk thoughts ruin your mind, junk foods will eventually ruin your body to shreds. While there are innumerable blogs and “experts” on who will give you guidance on weight loss, the number of people who actually believe in such programmes is very less. To be honest, you do not need a guide who would tell you to lose weight. All you need is a focused mind and some thought as to what foods can do good to you. It is your body after all. You will know your systems and functioning way better than those generalizing body types.

It is very important to treat our body with respect. Bodies are the vehicles that are going to carry us all through our lives, help us live the beautiful moments with your dear ones. You sure do not want to load it with low grade food at any point.