Influence of Cuisines in India.


India has always been invaded since 336 B.C.E starting with Alexander the Great. The country has had a taste of various rulers from Aryans, Mongols, Persians, Greeks, Chinese to the Britishers. All these invasions have left behind something very important for our country. Cuisines.

The influence of foreign cuisine on our culture is huge. We have only learnt to enjoy the concept of fine dining from the recent era. All these invasions have taught us the etiquettes of eating, the use of vegetables and crockery while preparing the delicacies that we savour today. Different cooking techniques have been incorporated by the households and chefs alike. Over the years, we have created a fusion that universally appeals to all Indians and the tourists who come to Indian and go back with a new inspiration.

The Mughals brought in kebabs, kormas, koftas and the technique of cooking in clay tandoor ovens. The Portuguese brought in scrumptious dishes like Chicken Kalderat, Xacuti, Cafreal And Sorpatel that are a rage among the Goan locals and the tourists alike. They also initiated the use of vegetables like chilli, potato and tomatoes in our food that are now indispensible for us. The hot pot cooking was brought to us by the Mongolians. Chinese cuisine is much in demand since they also brought in the concept of stir fries and additional sweet taste to food. There are food trucks and eateries that are dedicated to Mexican grubs. Italian food has also cast its magic upon us. We are developing a taste for the pastas, fusilli and the risottos. Britain has done a fairly good job of introducing the famous fish and chips concept. The concept of fine dining has also come about from foreign influence.

The concoction of foreign influence has seen the boom of passionate foodies who are now exploring lands in search of vivid varieties of cuisines.