A decade back Pune was a mundane land devoid of fancy eateries and places good for the gastronomically adventurous. Being a foodie probably wasn’t even a trend back then. Things began changing and new places for eating out began coming up. The student population witnessed a boom and there was a sea change. Open up the Zomato website and new places are there for you to try out every single week. One can never run out of places to savour a quick meal. If you do not want to go for a full-fledged dining option, there are food trucks and budget cafes at your disposal. The concept of café was only an ‘internet café’ back then. New dessert places and street food centric grub hubs were a far flung idea.

2014 to 2016 has been witnessing a big boom of eateries and places for dessert connoisseurs and foodies. Being a foodie has become a trend only recently. There are bloggers who dedicate their time to eating and reviewing new places in the city of Pune.

Pune is a bright city bustling with young energy, activity and new ideas. Rave nights are a common phenomenon these days. Along with the food joints, the clubs that have come up have a raised the bar of serving alcoholic drinks and different food items. Their bar menu is pretty attractive too. The bartenders do not cease to marvel the patrons with their new concoction. Food lounges have a whole new menu starting from Mediterranean to continental, from Chinese to just a revamped version of local dishes. All of them are simply delightful in their means of presentation and flavours. These concepts were nonexistent in Pune ten years back. Every nook and corner of the city has something different to offer. The food tastes keep changing from area to area and that is indeed the best part. There are food joints that operate only at night to satiate the hunger of a nocturnal millennial. What’s more amazing is that services like Swiggy and FoodPanda even ferry the food for you in case you do not wish to go that extra mile to eat your dish of mac and cheese. Ordering food has become so easy. Planning a date or a get together has been made simpler over the years. We are also spoilt for choice with these upcoming food joints, cafes, lounges and food trucks. There are many more eateries coming up in the future and people here are wondering which new joint to try this weekend. With a lot of young vibes floating around in the city, we are sure we will never run out of the ‘gastronomically adventurous’ eaters any time soon. We are truly the hub for some grub.