Love it or hate it, you cannot deny it. The popularity of street food has become a rage these days. Everyone from the students to the elite class(they would hesitantly admit) love street food. You cannot ignore the famous fulfilling vada pav or the missal pav or even the bun muska for the matter.

Street food in Indian is sold by the local vendors and hawkers in their thela but sometimes they earn enough to afford a small shop in the gallis and lanes. Street food is something that is abundantly available all over and one shall never go to bed hungry. Street food is mainly popular because of the pocket friendly and the availability factor. Every nook and cranny of the streets will have these hawkers sitting and conjuring our favourite maggi noodles or creating stunts while pouring tea.

There is something unique about street food. Often it is not the food but the preparation that amuses us boundless. You can see the vendors flick the roomali roti in the air and the chai wala turn the pots around to create that tornado effect as the tea jumps from one container to the other. These marvelous sights are absolutely free of cost. High end restaurants have seemed to capture this trend and bring in the “street flavour” in for their premium clientele.

There are foodies who take pride in calling themselves as a street food connoisseur. A big respect to the street eaters who can hog irrespective of anything coming their way. A lot of these roadside cuisines are umpteen times better than any restaurant made meals. The secret lies in the…well, we actually don’t know. Let’s just say it is the heart of Indian cuisine. It is something you cannot ignore no matter how many five star restaurants you may have been to.

The hawkers also find themselves in issues like permits to sell street food et al. Despite that, they still manage to come up with some of the best tasting cuisines we have seen. Inculcating the “street” element in cuisines has become a rage. One can duplicate the food of the streets but one may not be able to replicate it. The essence lies there in the streets. The hunger buster is where the vendors are. They too are the lifeline of cities.