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Storm In A Tea Cup


Sipping the splendid golden brew of tea early in the morning simply pumps up your groggy spirit. Call it chai, chaa or चहा, tea is equivalent to being a tonic for the soul. Case closed.

Being an ardent fan of tea, any Indian would feel emotionally connected to this heavenly beverage provided to us from above. Tea has been around for longer than you know and no other beverage can overtake the power and essence of tea.

It is the end all and be all of drinks.

It is the conversation starter and the spark to a relationship.

It is a drink that will impress your mother in law and your fiancé in the first round.

It is an ultimate stimulant that pumps u up, relaxes and enlivens your dreary spirits.

Rightly termed as the National Drink of India, this indispensible cup of tea is consumed by almost 70% (or maybe more I hope) of Indians all the year round, including several times in a day! We are immensely thankful to our fellow States ,Darjeeling and Assam, for producing some of the best brews this world has witnessed. The roadside chaiwallas are a savior preparing gallons of this manna by the day. Most of them have been running their tea stalls for decades together. Passed on to them by their great grandfathers, their business shows no signs of slowing down.

Tea is a lucrative business any day. There will be tea connoisseurs running all over the streets in search of the perfect brew (that includes me). You will not be disappointed at the end of the day. Exports and imports happen day in and day out. Tea tasters do their job on point. They are as important as the tea itself. Ensuring that their selection resonates with the nation, they need to keep their taste buds in control. One is really thankful for all those combined efforts of those who have helped to put a brew in your cup.

To sum it all up, I say “Tea is a drink, chai is an emotion.”