All About That Meat


Meat is an essential part of our diet. Packed with proteins, fat and plenty of other vitamins and minerals, meat is simply delicious when cooked at the time temperature and with the right flavours. An inevitable part of our eating habit, it is important to know the benefits of what’s on your plate. Here is the list of the protein content of each of the meats.

1. Chicken: Most commonly consumed, chicken is beneficial for those looking to control their weight. Packed with nutrients, it is indeed a perfect way to start a diet.

Benefits: low in fat, high in proteins which makes it ideal for weight watchers.

Proteins: 27g per 100 grams

2. Beef: Beef chillies are a pretty common dish among a plenty of people who really love a good meaty dish. There is something tasty and healthy about beef due to its high content in various vitamins necessary for your body.

Benefits: Beef is 85% lean meat and contains vitamin A, D, C, B-12, B-6.

Protein: 26g per 100 gms.

3. Pork: Meat from the domestic pig is consumed worldwide in elaborate feats and during festivals. Different parts of the domestic pig are used to create delicacies among meat lovers. This kind of a meat is popular for its texture and its fat content.

Benefits: The fat trimmed from the pork is made into lean meat. It is high in fat content and vitamin B1.

Protein: 27g per 100 grams

4. Lamb: Used in many religious feats, the tender lamb meat is popular in many Mediterranean cuisines. It is also widely consumed in UK, USA, Australia, Iceland and in certain parts of Asia including India and China.

Benefits: A good source of Vitamin B-12, zinc and phosphorous.

Protein: 25g per 100 grams

5. Turkey: Turkey meat is mainly a dish had during Christmas seasons or during Thanksgiving in USA, Canada and in UK. Containing more protein than most of the meats, turkey meat is supposedly healthier than dark meat due to its low saturated fat content.

Benefits: Rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin A, D, C, B-12, B-6.

Protein: 29g per 100 grams

6. Venison : The popular deer meat is considered healthy by many nutritionist since deer stays in its natural habitat, unrestrained and feeds on a natural diet. The phrase “humble pie” is literally the pie made out of the organ of a deer.

Benefits: Low in fat, cholesterol and calories. High in proteins and moisture.

Protein: 30g per 100 grams

7. Duck meat: This famous duck meat is a dark meat and is used to cook various duck meat oriented dishes from around the world. It is most commonly consumed in USA and China.

Benefits: A good source of iron, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6, B-12.

Protein: 19g per 100 grams