I am a Dessetarian!


My friends have always known me as a “dessert” person. I am hence called a dessetarian. Yes, we collectively make new terms for those fetishes that we have. I know the urge to eat something sweet and chilled at the end of every meal and maybe sometimes in the middle of the day. Every time someone hands me menus, I straightaway jump to the dessert section. Life is too short to skip desserts. It is the same at the weddings. I take a wedding seriously only when I see delectable desserts that appeal to me. There may be varieties in terms of sweets and ice cream. The moment I see a repulsive flavour of an ice cream or a sweet, I never go back to that place. You stare at the delicious freak shakes and the ice cream parlours hoping you’d be able to control your urges and temptations. It is not possible. Your diet plans look bleak when you have those tasty little scoops to lure at every point of your fitness regime. I stay in a city where I get plethora of options to choose from. Every patisserie and every café have their signature shakes and cakes that invite me to their places.

I realize the importance of fitness but I also know the importance of being a dessert connoisseur because creating the best of the desserts is an art that only the passionate can master. You will eventually grow old or suffer from some diabetic disease or some sugar imbalance. I don’t understand the system of not having desserts just for the sake of staying fit. Of course I am saying that everything needs to be in moderation but you do not need to skip the last course just because your trainer is getting you to slam your body against those machines to create a perfect curve that will fade away with time. treat yourself occasionally and you will never regret those sweet moments when you are old.

I am hardcore dessetarian and I don’t feel ashamed of it in any way. People who love desserts are the best people evidently.