30 JUNE 2016

The Art of Plating


Wouldn't it be wonderful if your food was visually appealing and delicious too? This is called the art of food plating that originated in Europe and dates as far as the 1500s. As history mentions, Marie-Antoine Careme was supposedly the first celebrity chef to have invented the art of plating. Bringing designs on a plate was revolutionary and aesthetically appealing in every way. He was also known to have been a chef to notable personalities like Napoleon Bonaparte. The art of plating since then has become the most important element of fine dining...

4 JULY 2016

The Great Indian Food Habits.


Indians take their chai time too seriously.

Every person from the office to the man working in the dhaba is a chai connoisseur. Indians indeed take their chai time too seriously. A cup in the morning, a cup in the evening and a couple of cups in between is a daily ritual. There is no time like the chai time!...

20 JULY 2016

Storm In A Tea Cup.


Sipping the splendid golden brew of tea early in the morning simply pumps up your groggy spirit. Call it chai, chaa or चहा, tea is equivalent to being a tonic for the soul. Case closed.

Being an ardent fan of tea, any Indian would feel emotionally connected to this heavenly beverage provided to us from above. Tea has been around for longer than you know and no other beverage can overtake the power and essence of tea....

1 AUGUST 2016

5 Things That You Stop Doing Now.


1. Skipping Meals: with all that delicacies surrounding you day in and day out, would you ever skip a meal? It really does not make sense to skip a ‘food’ when you have one life to savour the flavours and take in the goodness of fabulous cuisines. Remember the quote, ‘the only time to eat diet food is when you are waiting for the steak to cook.’

2. Skipping Desserts: a lot of people would be included in this list if we start counting. We are trying to understand why someone would count their calories when you can count the endless number of desserts you can gorge into....

11 AUGUST 2016

All About That Meat


Meat is an essential part of our diet. Packed with proteins, fat and plenty of other vitamins and minerals, meat is simply delicious when cooked at the time temperature and with the right flavours. An inevitable part of our eating habit, it is important to know the benefits of what’s on your plate. Here is the list of the protein content of each of the meats.

1. Chicken: Most commonly consumed, chicken is beneficial for those looking to control their weight. Packed with nutrients, it is indeed a perfect way to start a diet....

22 AUGUST 2016

I am a Dessetarian!


My friends have always known me as a “dessert” person. I am hence called a dessetarian. Yes, we collectively make new terms for those fetishes that we have. I know the urge to eat something sweet and chilled at the end of every meal and maybe sometimes in the middle of the day. Every time someone hands me menus, I straightaway jump to the dessert section. Life is too short to skip desserts. It is the same at the weddings. I take a wedding seriously only when I see delectable desserts that appeal to me. There may be varieties in terms of sweets and ice cream. The moment I see a repulsive flavour of an ice cream or a sweet, I never go back to that place. You stare at the delicious freak shakes and the ice cream parlours hoping you’d be able to control your urges and temptations. It is not possible....




We are not eating fruits enough and we have to admit it. With fast food chains on the rise, the need for real nutritional foods is at an all-time low. A certain part of the population realizes the importance of including fruits and vegetables in their diet. The main problem is the fact that people want instant gratification that comes only with fast food. This way, they are ignoring the huge benefits of fruits and the fibers, proteins and the good cholesterol that come with it.We have a lot of junk in the trunk (the trunk is your body, by the way)....




There is a difference between binge eating and selective eating. The difference is so vast that you can see the results manifest in your health. Your daily habits start to look different depending on what kind of category your food habits fall into. We will look at it individually.What do we achieve by binge eating? A temporary level of craving satisfaction...

13 OCTOBER 2016



Love it or hate it, you cannot deny it. The popularity of street food has become a rage these days. Everyone from the students to the elite class(they would hesitantly admit) love street food. You cannot ignore the famous fulfilling vada pav or the missal pav or even the bun muska for the matter.

24 OCTOBER 2016



A decade back Pune was a mundane land devoid of fancy eateries and places good for the gastronomically adventurous. Being a foodie probably wasn’t even a trend back then. Things began changing and new places for eating out began coming up. The student population witnessed a boom and there was a sea change. Open up the Zomato website and new places are there for you to try out every single week. One can never run out of places to savour a quick meal.

07 NOVEMBER 2016

Influence of Cuisines in India


India has always been invaded since 336 B.C.E starting with Alexander the Great. The country has had a taste of various rulers from Aryans, Mongols, Persians, Greeks, Chinese to the Britishers. All these invasions have left behind something very important for our country. Cuisines.
The influence of foreign cuisine on our culture is huge. We have only learnt to enjoy the concept of fine dining from the recent era. All these invasions have taught us the etiquettes of eating, the use of vegetables and crockery while preparing the delicacies that we savour today...